Want you kitchen to have a traditional look and feel then butcher block countertops are a perfect option because of their superior texture, durability, versatility and warmth that it can add to any room. Costing about $50/ sq feet you can purchase a butcher block counter top with film forming finish achieve using lacquer or vanish coating. Alternatively if you want a more natural look and feel then opt for penetrating finishes using non drying oils that will keep the wood looking good as new for a long time. Here are some of the advantages of butcher block countertops:

You can add your own two cents to the save environment initiative when you buy butcher block countertops made using reclaimed lumber wood

Unlike stone countertops, butcher block countertops made using wood are warm and give a rustic touch to the kitchen helping in creating an inviting ambience

Also these countertops are not only strong but also comes with excellent anti bacterial properties provided you keep them clean and tidy

Lastly these butcher block countertops are not heavy on your pocket unlike countertops made using metals or natural stones.

So make your kitchen look perfect with these beautiful wooden kitchen butcher block countertops.