dining room furnitureMost people are so excited to get a new makeover for their dining room that in a feat of joy they almost forget to take the exact measurements of their dining rooms. This is a huge mistake indeed given the fact that the perfect decorations like flooring tiles, wallpapers or carpets depend a lot on the measurements of the rooms.

Another mistake that people often make is that they forget to take the exact note of the plug points and outlet locations. When they visit a departmental shop at the spur of the moment they think of buying all the electrical appliances like mixer, grinder, toaster, coffeemaker, microwave, oven and refrigerator at a single go without even realizing whether they have the options to plug them or not.

Too many articles made of fine china or crystal makes everyone feel stiff and extra cautious whenever you enter the dining room and lastly you may opt for over sized furniture as compared to your dining room dimensions leaving little or no space at all for free movement of hands and legs.