Types of beds, space saving furnitureDoes your room have limited space? Are you thinking about using bed types that can help you accommodate other essentials? Then there are certain bed types that you can consider if you are planning on optimum utilization of limited space. A sofa bed is a very convenient option if your room is space deprived. You can use it as a sofa in the day and when you want to call it a day, just unfold the folded layers of the sofa and rest the night.

Another option that is quite popular is the utilization of bunk beds. Bunk beds are ideal for a room that is shared by a number of kids. These beds are basically layered beds. Murphy beds can also prove to be a smart option in a space deprived property. Loft beds and futon mattresses can help save space and accommodate other necessities. So pick according to your requirement and adorn your home as well as save space.