Butcher block counter tops designed using wood can add an aura of elegance and refined touch to your kitchen. While these wooden countertops are great places for preparing food but they require adequate care as being porous they can absorb all the spills quickly. Therefore to maintain the health of your family as well as to prolong the life of these lovely butcher block counter tops here are some handy tips:

Wash your butcher block countertops using a mild cleaner and warm water. Regular dish wash liquid or detergent could be used for cleaning along with sponge or a soft towel. Never forget to wipe the wood dry after cleaning it with water

To disinfect your countertop which can be found due to cutting of raw meat you should
clean the surface by dissolving a tablespoon of bleach in almost a gallon of water.

You can get rid of tough stains from the butcher countertop surface by sprinkling lemon juice over the stain and leaving it there for few seconds. Wipe the surface dry using a fluffy towel.

While varnished butcher block countertops can be cleaned using soap and water you need to give your unvarnished butcher block countertops weekly non toxic oil treatment to prevent the wood for drying or discoloring

The basic care of kitchen butcher block countertops will keep them clean and also prevent any bacteria growth.