Are you in search of an ideal modern fireplace screen for your hearth?

There are numerous types of fireplace screens that play both the decorative and functional roles.

A fire place screen serves numerous functions in a home decor scheme.

Being decorative they come is several designs to fit your choice.

The front part of your fireplace will always look elegant if installed with the Antique Core Fireplace screen.

This type of screen has been designed with a brown finish of copper lining together with a permanent white shade in the interior.

Other incredible modern designs of Antique fireplaces include: Pewter and Nickel, Polished iron, Olde World Iron Finish, Bronze finish, Antique gold, Antique Rust Finish, Brass Fireplace screen, Single panel fireplace screen and so on.

Some of the Antique fireplace screens are designed with fireplace spark guards.
Others are curved perfectly to keep the whole fire area secure.
Fireplace screens occur in numerous finishing.
Get yourself a perfect Antique Fireplace screen to match your modern decor style.

Antique, The Modern Home Decor Choice