It’s probably very irritating dealing with a home that seems like a blast furnace during midday. You can’t change your home overnight but investing in an air conditioner can help deal with the heat wave. There’s a few things you’ll need to keep I mind when considering air conditioners. Firstly where do you want to place it? Should it be in the bedroom or hall because everyone’s going to want a share of it. Do you want a box A/C that’s easily available for cheap if you buy a used model? Then there’s the split A/c or even a central A/c.

Furthermore, do you have the right place to install an air conditioner? Too many open spaces like vents, exhausts and balconies aren’t going to help the cooling process. What if the air conditioner is noisy or is everyone at home going to fight because they want it in their room. The most important consideration would be the increase in your electricity bill each month.