aquarium décor, room decorAquariums are said to be a stress reliever when kept at home or office. Those little colorful fishes swimming around in a tank will make you feel better whenever you look at them Aquariums are usually made of acrylic or glass and are sized in gallons like 10, 20,30 and so on. You can put an aquarium with shape matching your home style like spherical, octagonal, round, rectangle or bowed fronts.

Salt or freshwater fishes, whatever you desire to house in your aquarium, carefully select the habitat materials for them. Substrate types, aquatic plants and herbs, pebbles and structures for the fish to enter and play around should be chosen generously. Depending on the fish type, keep partitions for safety of one fish from another. Protein skimmers and adequate lighting for your aquarium is a must, for the sake of your fish’s health. Use good pumps and clean the tank occasionally.