A bedroom is incomplete without a rug. It is comfortable to have the feel of a warm rug under your feet when you are in the sanctuary of your bedroom. For this purpose, nothing beats an authentic hand-knotted Persian rug.

A hand knotted Oriental rug is more valuable than the other factory made ones. It is easy to understand why – each artwork is unique. The rug that you choose for your bedroom will bear a design which no other rug bears. One way to test the authenticity of the rug is to see whether the flipside of the rug bears the same pattern as the front or not.

The vibrant colours on the rug will add colour and positive energy to your room. It is ideal to give a perfect Oriental complement to the modern décor of the room.

These oriental rugs usually come with a wide range of patterns from which you can choose according to your preferences. You can buy these rugs depending on what area of their pattern will be covered by the bed.