home decor ideasPerhaps the best tip to freshen up your room’s décor is to apply a fresh coat of paints. It would definitely be better if you can apply bright colors like sunshine yellow, light green or orange. You can also try the colors like pink, mauve and turquoise. Colors will breathe fresh life in your rooms.

Next you can think about bringing a change in your room’s furniture. The market is full of modern and trendy furniture. The best part of the modern furniture is that they usually focus on saving the space and that is why you can always get some extra space while using the modern furniture. Another great way of enhancing the freshness of your room is to decorate it with the help of fresh flowers or green indoor plants.

You can also think about installing an aquarium at a place where it would enhance the beauty of the room. Lastly, you can think about buying trendy lamp sheds and changing the lighting system of your room so that at night the lights would create a kind of dreamland for you.