Tips to remove bed bugs, home care tipsAre you plagued with severe bed bugs back home? Bed bugs area a nuisance and must be get rid off as soon as possible. Here are 3 vital tips that would help to get rid off the bed bugs in home.

Steam cleaning would help greatly. It’s because the bed bugs cannot withstand extreme heat and hence steam cleaning would be appropriate here. Be thorough with the cleaning and you have to steam clean your entire home as bed bugs can hide out anywhere, especially in crevices and small cracks.

Vacuum the home extensively, under the mattresses and in between the sofa seats. Don’t forget your wall to wall carpets as these could be a preferred haunting field for the bed bugs. Post vacuuming always dispose the vacuumed out contents in a trash bag and seal it up properly to ensure that the bugs don’t get to escape. Lastly, if you have bed bugs in home, wash your clothes and bed sheets in hot water as hot water is able to kill the bugs.